Opening a bank account and obtaining a Tax Number (Turkish Identity Number = TIN)

Citizens of almost all countries can open a bank account in Turkey. The account can be in dollar, euro and Turkish lira.
It is also necessary for obtaining the residence permit, automatic payments of bills, etc.

To open a bank account you need the following documents:

• Foreign passport
• A document certifying the address of residence in Turkey or in another country (can also be a bill of water or electricity issued on your name; translation of the document confirming residential registration; a copy of the current residence permit or others)
• Tax number in Turkey (TIN) 

To register a Turkish TIN you need the a) original and a copy of your passport. The regristration will be at the tax department.
You also need to present your b) address of residence in Turkey. Afterwards you will get a document with your individual tax number. The total procedure don’t take longer than 15 minutes. Your presence at site is necessary.

The number you need to open a bank account and / or to obtain a loan from a bank. Also necessary is the tax number for the Tapu, residence permit, insurance, car purchase and other situations.

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