Obtaining and renewal of residence permits in Turkey

Buying a Property in Turkey gives the owner the right to obtain a residence permit, which can be extended at expiry.
If you own a property in turkey your children who are not yet of age, can get the residence permit together with their parents.
In order to submit documents for the residence permit based on real estate ownership, it is necessary to get an appointment on the website of the migration services, rule since April 2015. To extend a residence permit, simply complete the questionnaire on the website and send any requested documents by mail. 

To get the appointment, you need to prepare and scan the following documents before:  

  • Health insurance
  • Statement of your turkish bank account
    A statement of your account by a Turkish bank, which occupies a livelihood in the amount of US $ 500 per person / month. In order to obtain a residence permit for one year, a person must prove at least $ 6,000 in an account from a Turkish bank. It is also possible to deposit the equivalent amount in euros or Turkish Lira
  • 4 biometric photographs
  • Tapu
    the latest excerpt from your Tapu, so that is visible, that the property still belongs to you
  • Passport
    your own passport; the pages which Show your photo and the stamp of last entry to turkey
  • Turkish tax number

After you have collected and scanned all the documents, you should complete the form on the following website: https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

After completing the questionnaire, the system will give you the date and time of the next possible appointment. Of course you have to bring along the original documents of Tapu, your insurance and your passport to this appointment. Furthermore, a state fee has to be paid, the costs depend on the nationality.
When you go to the appointment, do not forget to print out and take along the questionnaire and the page confirming the meeting. 
The residence permit will be sent to you by registered mail within one or two months.
The preparation of the necessary documents sometimes causes difficulties for a foreign citizen, so that our company Buy Property Alanya will be happy to help. We will prepare all the necessary forms, help to obtain certificates from the local government agencies and organizations and advise you on how to fill out the questionnaire correctly.

Note: Please understand, that we take an appropriate fee for our time expenses.