Why to buy a property in Alanya ?

Many factors speak for an investment in Alanya, a city with the most sunny days in turkey :  

• Alanya has an average of 300 days of sunshine in the year
• Beautiful beaches and a warm climate
• Warmest winter temperatures in the mediterranean region with daily average of 16-18 degrees
• Located on the Mediterranean coast
• Low cost of living
• A big selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and markets
• high standard of medical and dental facilities, all with staff that are proficient in foreign languages ( health insurances from a number of oversea countries are valid in these hospitals )
• Alanya has an airport (Gazipasa) and is located only 33 km outside the city
• Approximately 1,2 million tourists visit Alanya each year
• Alanya has many facilities including blue flag beaches, sport facilities, cinemas, shopping centres, museums, aqua parks, private schools, universities and hospitals
• The Euro is accepted in the most places
• Weekly fesh markets ( Bazaar ) on different days in various parts of Alanya
• There are several parks, long beach promenades, a beautiful harbour and the history castle on the mountain hill
• There is a new cable railway from Cleopatra Beach up to the mountain’s castle which upgrades the cities infrastructure
• The yacht marina is close to the city which offers sport facilities like tennis, markets and cafeteria
• Alanya offers properties at competitive prices in comparison to other European locations 

Alanya is a tourist resort located on Turkey's Mediterranean coast often called as 'The Pearl of the Turkish Riviera'.The beauty of Alanya makes it a magnet for tourists and provides everything you could dream of in a holiday. It has a fantastic natural landscape with its sea, mountains, orchards, banana plantations, mountain rivers and forests. The attractive and comfortable hotels lining the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea and the rich tastes of the world renowned Turkish cuisine make it an ideal destination. The possibilities are endless: swimming in the bay where Cleopatra once bathed, lying back and enjoying the sun or exploring the mysterious sea caves on a blue cruise. The surrounding mountains from the North, East and West break the cool winds blowing from the inland making it possible to bath in the sea for over 10 months of the year.
The Cleopatra beach stretches for 2 km out to the west of Alanya city. The name "Cleopatra" originates from 37 BC when the Roman emperor Marc Anthony gifted parts of the town to Cleopatra in order to express his love for the Egyptian queen.
The equally beautiful Keykubat beach stretches out to the east and the shallow waters make it a perfect site for bathing. Both beaches are ideally suited for sun-worshippers; deck chairs and parasols can be hired for a small fee per day. Numerous cafes and bars are also located on Cleopatra and Keykubat beach. A wide range of water sports are available to thrill both beginners and experts. Alanya has a clean, natural envirenment. There is no heavy industry in the area, tourism and agriculture are the main economies and around 187 types of fruits and vegetables are grown there.